ryo_anne (ryo_anne) wrote,

The Big Finally


Suppose what's I'm going to write is quite predictable. 


When I saw the title of the post of Arama in my f-list, I screamed. Reading again to make sure and screamed again. And I cried. I couldn't say I didn't see it coming, tho because I did. Well, I saw it since 2009, actually, after leading the Playzone and Yuu in Gokusen and all. I had hoped it to happen in 2010, at least but it didn't. But they grew up a lot last year and yeah, finally.

I think what's so special about Kisumai that sets them apart from other groups is they speak of the bitterness of not debuting and the hope to debut soon openly. Such thing is rarely mentioned in Johnny's. Oh well - now they got what they want.

The road to May is going to be fun.

My only wish is they don't be like KAT-TUN when the time passes. Please. 

Tags: kis-my-ft2, rant, tamamori yuta

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