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The End

A fews hours more and it'll be 2011.

I have nothing to review this year. Had been too busy; I think I'm willing to admit that I post less than Sherri nowadays. lol. I still checked my friend page as many times possible, tho. I keep up with the news and the dramas as well.

I had hoped that Kis-My-Ft2 would debut this year. But apparently I haven't hoped enough? lol. There are still hope, anyway. xD BTW, I think I haven't mentioned that their photobook is great. I like theirs more than HSJ's but that's probably me being biased. xD

 I watched Kouhaku just now. On my TV. Watch few first performances; Hamasaki Ayumi's, EXILE's, AKB48's and NYC's. I wonder if I really did see two of Kisumai roller-skating during NYC's. The thought of them back dancing for NYC made me frown. =____= 

And and... I have been wanting to write about this but well. lol. I think I can say I like AKB48 now. Well, no, 'like' is a bit too much. 'Acknowledge' would be better. Yea, I finally acknowledge them. I mean, I know them before this, of course. That group with 48 f-ing members. But I never listen to them at all. I gave them a try (I think) last month and well, they're not that bad, perhaps. I still can't stand the number of members, tho. Even tho they usually perform in 20s or so. It's still a lot to me. 

The first performance of them I ever watched is on Best Artist. Well, there were rumours about how the rating was the highest during the performances of AKB48 and Shojo Jidai (which I prefer to refer as SNSD) so I thought I might as well see what's so good about them. To tell you the truth, I really can't stand SNSD's. That was actually my effort to try enjoying K-POP but it was no good at all. Perhaps I just tried the wrong group but who knows when will I start trying again.

But AKB48's Beginner kinda attracted me. It was actually nice to hear (tho I cringed when they performed Aitakatta, which got stuck in my head for hours after that). 

Actually the reason I paid attention to AKB48 on the first place is because three of them appeared with Ryo in Kuwazu Girai once. There was this funny girl that doesn't really look like she's from AKB48 so she gave me an impression to remember. Ah, it was Takahashi Minami, the girl. Team A's captain, and the only member of AKB48 I would admit I like. She's also the only member I could recognize easily on stage (because she rarely changes her hairstyle, unlike the other members.)

So, yea, I like TakaMina. She's hilarious. Apparently the words to describe her are 'fail', 'hairstyle', 'annoying', 'small' and 'male'. lol. Her jokes always fail, her hairstyle rarely changes (she always has a ribbon on), she talks a lot (well, she usually speaks for the group), her height is 148.5 cm (shorter than me! which makes me like her more~ lol.) and she's the papa of the group (everyone listens to her). 

I think I can recognize 4-5 members of the group. Let's see... TakaMina, Oshima Yuko, Maeda Atsuko, Kojima Haruna, Minegishi Minami and Itano Tomomi. Oh, that's 6 of them. lol. TakaMina, Yuko and Atsuko are the ones with Ryo on Kuwazu Girai. Kojima Haruna and Minegishi Minami are in No3b (No Sleeves) with TakaMina so I know them too. lol. And Itano Tomomi, she stands out because of her crooked teeth, which reminds me a lot to Hikaru. xD

Ah, I write this post because I wanted to wait for the Countdown. But Keyhole TV failed me tonight. It seemed that a channel can only be watched by 2000 watchers. I want to cry. T____T

Anyway, Happy New Year, guys.Hope 2011 will be better~ ^^
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