December 22nd, 2009




That is a good enough reason to watch KAT-TUN's Break the Records in a better quality. Drool-worthy, that is. 

This is my first time watching KAT-TUN's concert so don't blame me for staring at Yuu when they were introducing Kame. They should put Yuu back dancing for Taguchi or Koki so that I don't have to watch them! 

But Koki is one sweet brother. I would be thrilled to have a big brother who would wish me a happy birthday in front of thousands of fans. He even said, "This is my real brother, Tanaka Juri. Please support him." Taguchi was there and was like, "How could you have a little brother like this?"  Yes, I wonder that, too, Taguchi. Taguchi then asked Juri, "How old are you now?", Juri said, "I4.", Taguchi, "14? You are still 14?" And I might change my opinion about Koki being a sweet brother when he said, "Oh, so you are 10 years younger than me?" Koki, it had been 14 years since he's around and you just realized that? 

The best part should be when Taguchi said, "Don't grow up to be like your brother." which Juri answered with "Okay." Koki hesitated for a moment before saying, "Yeah, don't be like me." Yes, DON'T, Juri! You are very cute! >/////<


Seriously, don't put that kind of thing on him! And PIERROT is full of nonsense! What does the song supposed to mean!? Thank GOD the English in  YamaPi's MOLA make senses. 

I'm searching for the old performances of MINT now. That was a group consisted of Ma-chan (Matsumoto Kouhei; Inoo's ex-boyfriend, one of the Pre-Pre-Pretty Combi, used to have angelic voice and super-cute face with big eyes and small in height xD), Inoo (yes, HSJ's Inoo), Nika-chan (Kisumai's Nikaido) and Yuu (MY Tamamori Yuta). The group name was made from their acronym. The group didn't last long because Johnny hates 4-members group Ma-chan got into Kis-My-Ft.  I would like to see some Ma-chan, and the sight of Tamamori holding a microphone during his early days as a junior should be amusing. xD

By the way, 1582 is Kame's solo song. I don't know how it is pronounced but I don't it's One Five Eight Two. Perhaps Ichi Go Hachi Ni. Maybe that makes more sense. Kame's solo seemed like a stage play for me; I ended up enjoying his movements rather than his singing. But I don't get why must he make himself that wet, though. 



Okay, now. On December 20th, Kis-My-Ft2 held their concert in Yokohama Arena. It is kinda a grand place to hold a concert, nothing like Tokyo Dome, of course. They held a press conference so the news made it into several news channels and newspapers. 

The news clips are available in this youtube channel. Only one showed the boys (Hiro and Taisuke only, actually) talking, the other two only showed the concert footages. Of course, the infos are quite the same; they have yet to debut, they were the successor of Hikaru Genji, they took over Playzone from Shounentai, they performed more than 20 songs and the total number of audiences are around 160 000  for the whole tour. 

And here are the news I found online.

Nikkan Sports - HERE and HERE

Daily Sports - HERE 

Sponichi - HERE

Sports Hochi - HERE

Sanspo - HERE

They are basically the same, too; they went to 31 places, had 160 00 audience, again with Hikaru Genji... Taisuke said something like, "Of course, we would want to debut; we happen to know there's a lot of people waiting for that." Hiro said he wants a CD debut next year. I think in one news, Taisuke actually said he wants to debut and preparation has been made. I couldn't be sure because I only used that crappy Google Translator. Maybe he meant they were preparing to debut, as in improving their skills or anything... And Tamamori said they had watched DVD of Hikaru Genji and aimed to surpass them.

But this really makes me happy; this does. I haven't been smiling properly since last few days, nervous about getting my result on the day after next. But I am grinning from ear to ear since I watched the news clip. I actually got teary-eyed when they showed Kisumai performing Sennen no Love Song; I wonder why. But Zoom In really loves Yuu, he got most of the screen times. I love when he went, "Yokohama, are you heated up?!!!" or something like that. xD

I'm quite surprised that they are being open about expressing their wish to debut. Of course, it's natural to think so; with the national tour, and Tamamori in a movie. I wish, for once, the management will listen to them. ><"