The Big Finally


Suppose what's I'm going to write is quite predictable. 


When I saw the title of the post of Arama in my f-list, I screamed. Reading again to make sure and screamed again. And I cried. I couldn't say I didn't see it coming, tho because I did. Well, I saw it since 2009, actually, after leading the Playzone and Yuu in Gokusen and all. I had hoped it to happen in 2010, at least but it didn't. But they grew up a lot last year and yeah, finally.

I think what's so special about Kisumai that sets them apart from other groups is they speak of the bitterness of not debuting and the hope to debut soon openly. Such thing is rarely mentioned in Johnny's. Oh well - now they got what they want.

The road to May is going to be fun.

My only wish is they don't be like KAT-TUN when the time passes. Please. 


I'm so looking forward to January!

miura haruma and toda erika in a drama together.

yabu having a ninkyo helper SP.

and and

KITAMITSU   HiroSuke in a drama TOGETHER~ xDD

my copy of kisumai's photobook should arrive tomorrow. yea, late is late but >///////////////<

i should update often, shouldn't i? this LJ seems dead already. lol. 

[fic21] Going

Wrote this, like, months ago. Have been in my folder for so long - along with my other fanfictions. Somehow, compared to writing, posting them is more a pain. lol. But here it is. 

Title : Going
Author : ryo_anne
Word count : 1303
Pairing : Akame (friendship)
Rating : G
Summary : Kame came to Jin's farewell party,
Author's note : Sorry for writing about this again. But well, I've began to accept the fact now. And Ueda cheering on Jin had so much effect (good one, I assure you) on me than I ever imagined. 

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Comments if you like it. Or if you don't, as well. I'm open for criticism, but not flame, of course. ^^

Ah, if you got some extra time, you might want  to check THIS out. It's just some junk I produce to stay sane in class but...well. XD


After a long time...

LOL. This is my post after quite some time, right? I've been being lazy and busy at the same time yo. XP

Ah, today is Yasuda's birthday, isn't it? Happy Birthday~ Sherri doesn't like it but I think you better keep up with that new, cool image of yours - I like it a lot~! 

I don't really know what to write. Have been lurking in the fandom for so long. I've began to accept the fact that KAT-TUN is KAT-TUN and Jin is Jin for now - after the changes made on Johnny's Net. And congratz to NYC for the new single as well; tho I'm not really excited about it. But real congratz to Yokoo for his role in Nino's drama next month. I'm really looking forward to that~ So he's the third one in Kisumai to work in a drama now eh? ^^ Now left is Nika-chan. Perhaps he got to be in a drama as well; because both of them (Nika-chan and Yokoo) don't appear in EbiKisu recent stage play.

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Anyway, like usual, picspam~


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Hasshi being such a kid. It will actually look better if he is not that well-built. It's in this game I begin to think that Nakaji is way too controlled until the extent that he looked fake. Yuu is Yuu like usual; he couldn't help but to be adorable. Kouchi's innocence is really amusing. It's nice to see a junior that fresh. I don't approve him at first but I do now, he improves really well and he looks  good in that hairstyle too. XD

Of course, Kame's expressions are priceless. I don't really know where to lay my eyes on if they put Kame and Ryo together. Oh. What a great idea, isn't it, to put Kame and Ryo in a same drama? The rating should go high. XDD

Last night when chatting with pranks98 , I realized that I have 6 completed fanfictions unposted. When will I post them, I wonder... LOL. 

Ah, btw, I like KAT-TUN's FARAWAY. The lyrics just screamed 'Jin' to me.Isn't that the song Koki broke into tears in? 


[fic20] Change

Title : Change
Author : ryo_anne 
Word count : 864
Pairing : Akame? (friendship)
Rating : G
Summary : Koki called Jin after their concert last night.
Author's note : This piece is somehow my point of view of the whole thing; you might not agree with me. 

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I know it seems stupid for me to still believe that this whole thing is just a big publicity for both KAT-TUN and Jin's tours but I think I'm going to be stupid for these three months. Really. 


Okay. Everyone should know what am I going to write about.

I remember I once said I could imagine Jin leaving KAT-TUN someday...but for it to actually happens, I have to admit that it saddens me a lot.
So much that I feel like crying.

I think it's official enough now, even though Johhny said he would make the final decision when Jin finishes with his solo but his "I wouldn't spoil him by letting him go back to KAT-TUN if his solo work fails." is as good as the decision itself. 

This might be a denial deep, deep inside my heart wishes this is just a gimmick. You know, it will make such impact to say Jin is leaving KAT-TUN. Perhaps when the time comes, he will be saying that he is going to stay, after all. I know it's stupidly naive of me to think like that but well, one can hope. 

But one thing for sure, KAT-TUN without Jin and Jin who doesn't belong to KAT-TUN - I'm not sure I'll like. It pains me when they don't talk about Jin, and Jin them at these times, I wouldn't want that forever. 

Maybe I should write a fanfiction to ease the pain a bit but in this case, I don't know if even fanfictions would work. Fictions are not facts, anyway - no matter how real they seem to be.

Catching up

Okay... how long has it been? LOL.
  1.  1. I got my JUMP no. 1 last Friday. Don't like the cover and booklet but the songs are very nice. I think I love all the new ones. Surprisingly I like Hikaru's the least, though. My favourite should be Dash!! but Dreamer is quite good, and so is Yamada's...I can't choose! LOL.
  2. 2. Got LANDS's Olympos together with JUMP no. 1. Great album, this one. I love all the songs. Quite surprised by the unplugged version of Genki at the end of Sankyu, tho. 
  3. 3. Kis-My-Ft2, congrats on the digital debut! I seriously screamed when I got the news. Very proud of them. Real debut seems so near now. XDD
  4. 4. Jin, Massu - happy birthday! I wanted to post a birthday fic for Jin but haven't got time. Later, perhaps. With my bunch of Akame's. Hoho.
  5. 5. And and...the reason I'm writing this - Hasshi, Shintarou, otanjoubi omedetou~ XDD Hasshi has turned 17, Shin 13. Hope they both had good birthdays today. ^^

It's sad that I can't blog on the right time on these things. T___T. High school is tiring~